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For Students


Thirst occasionally offers internships. To apply, please email with your resume, portfolio, and expression of interest.

Studio Tours

Thirst holds two student tour days a year, one in the spring and another in the fall. We host up to 4 student groups of around 20 students on each day. These days are first come first served. Both days are a Saturday, the spring in April, and the Fall in September. Exact tour dates will be announced about a month prior via our email list. To receive updates, sign up on our contact page.


Why 3st?

As for the name… it suggests more than a dry sensation in one's mouth. It was originally a typo in correspondence from french designer, Philippe Starck, who simply wanted to say 3rd… instead he arrived at first, second, THIRST when he typed 3st.

How would you describe collaboration?

To us, collaboration is the artful interaction of any relationship — with our clients, with our colleagues, with our consultants.

It is often messy, delicate, and fraught with land mines, but it yields the most fulfilling work by far both in outcome and in process. Everything is richer when you collaborate with other minds — the process brings new dimensions and new challenges to assumptions that you hold.

The old adage "people support what they help create" is also true, so it often is the only way to play!

I have read your interview based on "The importance of collaboration." How do you think collaboration is changing within the design industry, in regards to process, outcome and communication?

I think design studios are getting smaller, more specialized, and are working together more. In many ways, the age of the large agency as "one stop shop" is coming to a close. But pure collaboration is no guarantee of success — if anything, it is becoming less of a novelty, and more of a reality. With that comes more critique of these collaborations, which is ultimately the best thing for design. We have learned that we can work together… now we must learn how to elevate the discipline together! When your project is decentralized, pushing the boundaries can be quite a challenge with multiple players sharing in the risk.

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