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3st at TYPEFORCE 5

3st is proud to participate in TYPEFORCE, an exhibition at the Co-Prosperity Sphere located in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood. This exhibition of typographic designers and artists will include the works of 3st's Rick Valicenti and John Pobojewski, and former 3st intern Magdalena Wistuba.

The show opens this Friday at 6:30p. Please come by!

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219-21 South Morgan Street
Chicago Illinois, 60608

Leave Behinds — Calligraphic Compost

Rick Valicenti is presenting Leave Behinds — Calligraphic Compost, a series of cultured marble sculptures.

Valicenti describes the work as:

Scribed as calligraphic compost, these relational markers are hardened residue. Much the same way graphic design despoils our urban landscape, these sculptures are purposely placed yet ultimately abandoned. Keep only the good memories and leave the bad behind.

Dig Deep

John Pobojewski and Magdalena Wistuba are presenting their collaboration Dig Deep, an ambient interactive interface for three touch tablets.

Each touch tablet displays a field of textures inspired by the role of authority, networks, and resolution in digital communication. Once touched, a field reacts to touch speed and direction, swarming into a typographic statement. 

Our tactile sense is connected to how we feel — it is as important as the voice, eyes, and ears. Recently, the fingertips are becoming more utilitarian. Touch is becoming a tool used to navigate interfaces, serving our mind versus our heart. Are we inadvertently numbing our sense of touch? 

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