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Accolades for the Archetypes: Amazingly Groovy

I’m looking forward to Ark of The Archetypes as it’s amazing!
James Goggin / Director of Design, Print, and Digital Media / Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

US, Arch of the Archetypes: The Politics of Projection is getting recognized around the country and beyond for it’s visceral connection to the personas that our commander in chief embodies.

Rick Valicenti works his groovy magic on 50 presidential archetypes, invoking the spirit of Obama in a kind of watery reflection of expectation and reality. The ghost of presidents past, present and future, we hope.
Marian Bantjes / Designer, Artist, Author / Vancouver BC

Rick’s portraits are even making waves in some of the crucial swing states, as noted by design educator David Versluis from Iowa.

Considering the convolutions of current political and popular culture, artist/designer Rick Valicenti invites “U.S.” to come face to face with 50 archetypes of President Obama. With care and precision (and a bit of levity) Rick’s photo enhancements evoke the multi-dimensional personas that the President has embodied while serving under extraordinary challenges.
This collection of images goes beyond representing the familiar expression of “being all things to all people” and instead reflects a presidential effort to cultivate a cooperative political environment that honestly tries to include a wide range of everyman in society.
The installation design invites the viewer to look at ground level into the political, social, and cultural dimensions over which Mr. Obama presides.
(Indeed) President Obama would approve Rick’s message.
David Versluis is professor of design at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa, a battle ground state.
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