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C2F meets 3st



Cybu Richli of C2f is currently in Chicago on a residency from Lucerne through March 2011 serving as both design ambassador and design observer.

He’s been sent here by his government to meet and engage with the Chicago design community. Last friday he and his collaborator Fabienne led Thirst in a day of play and experimentation.

Bud: “What do you think we should do today?”
Cybu: “Today, I would like to explode something.”
Bud: “OH! well, I don’t think we have any fireworks.
Commences grabbing anything Bud can find in the office.

The rest of the day was spent working on various projects. Cybu made Helvetica out of thick rubber bands. Fabienne made a typeface out of a hair net. Tinne organized office materials. Rebekka made a bubble wrap person. Bud forced inflated rubber gloves into artificial relationships. And John Pobojewski explored some film abstractions of the oddest truths ever heard… 

C2F’s website describes their practice like this:

C2F is a young communication design company established by Cybu Richli and Fabienne Burri. Our focus is on visual communication for arts, architecture, business, design, education, cultural clients, sciences.

But to truly understand their work, you have to spend time with it. It’s all the right things, smart, clever, surprising, and complex. Do spend some time with it.

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