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Happenings: Moving Design

Thirst leads local Moving Design Initiative

264,430 Chicagoans were impacted by eviction or foreclosure between 2008–2012. That is almost twice the entire population of Evanston!

In collaboration with Leslie Thomas of Art Works Projects, photojournalist Jon Lowenstein, and documentary filmmaker Maren Wickwire, Anna Mort and Alan Davis of Thirst led a talented team of Moving Designers to create a powerful pop-up exhibition curated by Roberta Feldman currently on display at the 625 Studio Gallery.

The National Public Housing Museum believes the housing crisis is not over and the horrific statistics and true stories need greater amplification, sustained regulations, and responsible legislation. Design stepped up and did all it could to advance this social agenda and at the same time bring real human presence into the presentation of words, data, and portraiture.

Very generous Moving Designers:
Jenna Blazevich
Andrew Fortnum
Chris Givens
Ellissa Jane MacArthur
Erin Maresko

Photos by Erin Maresko, David Lai, and Thirst











City in a Garden: The Sustainable Chicago Poster Design Competition

We are excited to announce a new Moving Design initiative — a poster design contest called City in a Garden. Imagined in collaboration with the City of Chicago's Chief Sustainability Officer Karen Weingart, the contest offers an opportunity to win up to $1,000 and be displayed on bus shelters around town.

Submission deadline is April 4, so enter today! Learn more at

Mayor Emanuel's office announced the initiative in a recent press release:

To expand awareness of Mayor Emanuel's Sustainable Chicago 2015 action agenda, grant money will be awarded to the top submissions for a new poster design contest, City in a Garden. Winning posters will be displayed on bus shelters throughout the city, serving as public art, enhancing daily life in Chicago, and encouraging residents to live more sustainably. 

Poster judges include our own Rick Valicenti, Art Institute Curator Zoë Ryan, IDEO's Sara Frisk, Chicago's Chief Sustainability Officer Karen Weingart, Studio V Design's Pooja Vukosavich and SOM Urban Design's Philip Enquist.

Deep Breath 1.0 / Moving Design / Beijing / 20131210

A day of working with the senior photography students at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, followed by a presentation at CAFA (the Central Academy of Fine Arts), followed by a walk through of the faculty exhibition within CAFA's museum, followed by dinner with the host educators, followed by a return to our apartment to record this expression of deep breath designed to be viewed exclusively on one's smart phone.

'Listen to Me' is a last gasp — a call to action plea to anyone with the power to actually make poor air quality change. Recorded on an iPhone in Beijing, 'Listen to Me' is an intimate repetitive performance best experienced on the phone.

Spoken by Baozhen Li and recorded by Rick Valicenti for the Moving Design Deep Breath 1.0 / Beijing intervention.

RV working with BIFT designers, photo by BLi.

Accepting Submissions for Moving Design’s 2013 Call to Action on Sustainable Living

Chicagoans produce over 7.6 million tons of trash every year, and our city consumes nearly 500 million gallons of water per day. Buildings in the United States are responsible for almost 40% of total energy use, but those emissions can be reduced by 29% at no net cost. This is a clear and compelling opportunity.

Unless we make changes in the way we live and consume resources, our city and world will look a lot different in the future. Droughts, rising temperatures, more severe storms will affect public health, water supply, infrastructure and agriculture—at a tremendous cost.

Moving Design’s 2013 call to action will be focused on informing and transforming Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood to promote sustainable living. Inspired by the WPA’s simple yet bold illustrations and messages, we’ll introduce the neighborhood to ideas and initiatives which will have a huge impact and lead to larger change. This community will serve as a model for other neighborhoods intent on improving quality of life, public safety and health, and community cohesion across the city.

Moving Design will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, February 19–March 14, from 7–9pm at the Post Family space, 1821 W Hubbard St in Chicago. After the 4 weeks of informational and working sessions, there will be 3 weeks of production in preparation for the final event on April 9th.

On Tuesday evenings, designers will hear presentations by some of the city’s premiere experts on living sustainably and designing interventions. We have scheduled Gordon Gill, Martin Felsen, Ed Marszewski, Matthew Hoffman, Arathi Gowda, Tim Heppner, Ryan Wilson, and Rick Valicenti himself!

The submission deadline is quickly approaching, so submit your application materials today!

Applications are due by February 15th at 5pm.

Moving Design and Art Works at Typeforce 3

Rick Valicenti, Bud Rodecker, Baozhen Li and Robyn Paprocki of Moving Design collaborate with Leslie Thomas and Tess Landon of ArtWorks and Ms. Williams’ second grade class at Overton Elementary School in Bridgeport on In the Incubator.

In the Incubator is an installation of the alphabet handmade with Sculpey Clay by real emerging typographers at the intersection of education and personal expression.

Their innocence at play and the joy of these 7- and 8-year old unbridled spirits, free of grownup inhibitions, is sure to be the centerpiece of Typeforce 3.

Come join us and see for yourself!

Opening Night
March 30, 2012

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St in Bridgeport

Drinks by the Hornswaggler’s

After party at Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar — 2 blocks north of the gallery

Art by Stephanie,  Anastasia, Faith, Maxwell, Jada, Tyshawn, and Jadaiya of Ms. Williams’ class, instructed by their art teacher Mr. Cohlmia.

Call to Action 2011 an Intervention on Bike Safety Begins

The Moving Design intervention on bike safety in conjunction with the Active Transportation Alliance began last night and will continue through August 28th. 42 Moving Designers will make art & design that is positive, informative, inspirational and best of class to awakeN the public to issues surrounding bike safety.

Follow our progress at

The 2011 Call to Action has been made possible in part with the generous support from the Active Transportation AllianceTrekREIVSA Partners, The Elements GroupBiomega, Archeworks, the MCA.

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