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Happenings: Random

There’s two sides to every story!

Rick Valicenti/3st and Baozhen Li/3st designed the 2012 Gravity Free International Design Conference Poster themed Outlaws and Icons held last month at the Spertus Museum in Chicago.

On the harlequin side of the 24 x 36″ poster Rick dressed the designer as purveyor of eye candy, while on the other side Baozhen idealized design’s intrinsic value by extruding the logotype in gold.

Graphic Arts Studio (GAS) did the beautiful multi-colored printing.

Temperature’s Rising

Rick Valicenti/3st, John Pobojewski/3st and Bud Rodecker/3st supplied Alex Fuller of Leo Burnett’s Department of Design (and Post Family) their vision of extreme climate change for the LBDOD’s second issue of Where The Wind Blows. Valicenti’s piece was originally mixed in living color for Thirst’s Abacus at the Sundance Film Festival 2012 folio.

Also, tomorrow at 8:30 am, Rick will be addressing the AIGA during Design Week.

IIT/Mies van der Rohe Society

Scott Thomas of Simple.Honest.Work. said the following in his invitation to Rick Valicenti / 3st on behalf of the Mies van Der Rohe Society:

Mies van der Rohe helped us understand things about the world. He told us that “Less is More”, that “Being good is more important than being original”, and that “God is in the details”. From these words came the steel and glass building, the open plan, and a new definition of beauty rooted in structure and materials. These ideas have remained with us for nearly 100 years. Within that time, everything from contemporary sculpture to Apple computers has reflected the vision of a better life created by one architect.
In an effort to celebrate and preserve this legacy, the Mies van der Rohe Society and my studio, Simple.Honest.Work., are creating a poster series featuring the work of a small group of visionaries. We would like for you to be involved along with Alex Fuller, Plural, Mike McQuade, Sonnezimmer, and Jeanne Gang among others.

Learn more in our project archive

Happy 60


Two days ago, it was Rick’s birthday, so happy birthday Rick!
30 years of fun-employment and 60 years of life! Here’s to many more!

An Invitation Came Today…


Two weeks til Rick V heads to Washington to get the National Design Award from the First Lady. We’re not the only ones who are excited…

Poblocki Sign Co Tour


Rick and Bud took a quick trip up to Poblocki Sign Co this week to tour their facility. Let there be no doubt in your mind that they can make your design a reality. I formally submit the above giant Gibson guitar replica as proof. 

John Pobojewski/3st leads focus on Intermedia

From a design studio with diverse skills comes a sound objective.

Guided by the mantra ‘art with function’, Thirst has explored the leading edge of design experiences since 1988. Today, John Pobojewski/3st leads the studio’s focus on intermedia through conceptual designs that integrate visual and sound.

“We define Thirst’s immersive experience as a holistic ecosystem: one that blurs the worlds of visual and sound into our passionate pursuit of the compelling. We call this design space where we play ‘Intermedia.’” JP


Coined by Dick Figgins/Fluxus in the 60s, ’Intermedia’ describes “the ineffable, often confusing, inter-disciplinary activities that occur between genres.”

Intermedia moves Thirst beyond the cross-discipline of today into the cross-platform of tomorrow
where pulp, pixels, motion, space, and sound collaborate.


Tune In: There’s More to Come.

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