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Deep Breath 1.0 / Moving Design / Beijing / 20131210

A day of working with the senior photography students at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, followed by a presentation at CAFA (the Central Academy of Fine Arts), followed by a walk through of the faculty exhibition within CAFA's museum, followed by dinner with the host educators, followed by a return to our apartment to record this expression of deep breath designed to be viewed exclusively on one's smart phone.

'Listen to Me' is a last gasp — a call to action plea to anyone with the power to actually make poor air quality change. Recorded on an iPhone in Beijing, 'Listen to Me' is an intimate repetitive performance best experienced on the phone.

Spoken by Baozhen Li and recorded by Rick Valicenti for the Moving Design Deep Breath 1.0 / Beijing intervention.

RV working with BIFT designers, photo by BLi.

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