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Eight O Five’s ABCs

In conjunction with the opening of Eight O Five, a new rental concept by Smithfield Properties at LaSalle and Chicago, patron Bill Smith commissioned Thirst to create a collection of 90 unique 36" x 48" art prints titled A → $. Three prints will be displayed in each of the elevator lobby bays on the 30 residential floors. 

Using alphabetical order as a creative restraint, Magdalena Wistuba and Rick Valicenti devised a system for assigning characters and design techniques to each print. Taking guidance from a Google spreadsheet for the color palette, prints on floors 4–30 were assigned a letter of the alphabet; floors 31–33, the characters &, #, !; and the penthouse level appropriately showcases the $.

Plans are underway for an August rooftop party for designers. Each guest will receive a keepsake, limited-edition boxed set of letters printed by Classic Color.

You can see all 90 prints here.

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