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I know the perfect designer!

As summer comes to a close, so does our time with Romain André, intern extraordinaire! Both have ended much too soon. As he cruises out our front doors, we are saddened and gladdened, knowing that he will soon find an inspiring studio in which he can continue to explore his creativity and make real contributions within the Chicago Design Community.

Above (L to R): Barb Valicenti, Romain André, Cameron Brand, Baozhen Li, Bud Rodecker, Robyn Paprocki, John Pobojewski, Rick Valicenti

RV on Romain André:
This summer I had the pleasure of working with a brilliant young designer from Paris who received his MFA in London.
His name is Romain (pronounced Roman) André and his four-month apprenticeship has come to an end.
I would love to see him in the best Chicago design environment as he is pound for pound the most creative and pleasurable designer I have worked with in years. If we were hiring, he would carry a Thirst card today.

Please reach out to Romain at and welcome him to our design community.

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