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Thousands of people pass the Inland Steel Building daily, and beginning last week, they were greeted with a new landscape.

I walked by the Inland Steel Building this morning and I saw the Ark of The Archetypes exhibit. It looks fantastic!
Iker Gil / Architect, Publisher, Educator / MAS Studio, Chicago

The Art Loop Alliance has hosted temporary gallery shows in the western lobby of the Inland Steel Building, but Rick Valicenti’s installation has encouraged more engagement than any show since the pop-up gallery opened.

Ark of the Archetypes:The Politics of Projection is the most engaging exhibition we have had in the program since Alterpolitan, our indoor sculpture garden. Physically representing the polymorphism of our President’s character takes politics and art beyond the propaganda barrier and into an arena of fresh discourse.  I believe the viewers of this exhibition will find that dialogue to be extremely pertinent at this critical time in our political cycle.
Tristan J.M. Hummel / Program Manager, Curator / Chicago Loop Alliance

The installation would not have been possible without the energy and support of the Chicago Design Museum.

U.S. is a timely, overdue, and compelling installation by the incomparable Rick Valicenti of 3st that implores individuals, voters, and passers-by to consider our president under the guise of different archetypes. I encourage you to see it before it’s too late, and please, ensure your sacred, unique voice becomes audible in this election.
Tanner Woodford / Director / Chicago Design Museum

US, Ark of the Archetypes: The Politics of Projection, explores 50 of the personas that the president embodies when he represents our nation. Stop by and see it during gallery hours, 10am-6pm Monday through Friday, through November 17th.

Better yet, be there with Rick on November 5th for a pre-election event starting at 6pm.

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