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Satoru Nihei: 3st Artist in Residence 2018

We are pleased to announce Satoru Nihei as our 2018 Artist in Residence. 

Through the 3st Artist in Residence (AiR) program, we create four quarterly projects in collaboration with an emerging Chicago artist/designer. We place great value in the works of the artists in our community who delight our imaginations and open our minds. During the year we indulge ourselves with the creative stretch that these collaborations bring to our studio.

The Q1 project wraps Rick Valicenti 2016 Prius Touring C Sedan with an initialed pattern by Satoru.

To mark the Q2 installation titled, Beautifools, Satoru has been animating 41 masks designed by Rick Valicenti with his index finger on the phone.

Four of 41 masks embrace the limitations of the phone app as editing tools.

6 of 365 posters were produced as the Daily Poster Project inspired by Satoru’s life events with Rick Valicenti’s daily encouragements. In 2017, Satoru’s essay on Darkness, Doubt, and Design was published on Design Observer

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