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Let the freak flag fly
John Pobojewski  20 Feb 2017

Disclaimer: This is an alternative fact

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This is an Alternative Fact
Kyle Green  12 Feb 2017

1,824day 23hr 59min 59sec...

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We play art / We live art
Taek Kim  06 Feb 2017

just words
Summer Coleman  30 Jan 2017

Is this what 63 million Americans voted for? 

America the Beautiful
John Pobojewski  28 Jan 2017

documentation of a game
two players transcribing one song (Gotstaprove by Knxwledge)
one listen through with pauses, no rewinds

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Ping Pong
Anna Mort  27 Jan 2017

Ping Ponged
Rick Valicenti  20 Jan 2017

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Ping Pong King Kong
Bud Rodecker  20 Jan 2017

20 January 2017

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48-hour Hysteria
Rick Valicenti  12 Jan 2017

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Anna Mort  02 Jan 2017

Some wisdom from Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife. Happy Holidays everyone.

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Everything’s going to be alright
Bud Rodecker  24 Dec 2016

Four years of downward spirals.... Sigh. #hysteria

John Pobojewski  16 Dec 2016

Rolling Over
Summer Coleman  02 Dec 2016

A Little Embarrassed
Zach Minnich  25 Nov 2016

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We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it
Bud Rodecker  25 Nov 2016

John Pobojewski  18 Nov 2016

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In the Public Eye
Kyle Green  17 Nov 2016

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Vowels and Consonants — a character study
Rick Valicenti  08 Jul 2016

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Goodbye, Ted
Rick Valicenti  08 Jul 2016

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Happy Eroticism
Rick Valicenti  22 Mar 2016

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