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Thirst designer, Taek Hyun Kim, created a custom alphabet of modular pieces on a square grid.


The flickering, hyper-saturated signage in Times Square became a visual palette for most of the piece — as an obvious reference to the technology behind 150 Media Stream. How could it be deconstructed and celebrated as a metaphor for American democracy?

The work of historic photographer Eadweard Muybridge and modern Chicago artist Nick Cave inspired new ways of thinking of diversity — in both form and motion.

The real human presence behind the signature is evident in both the words of our founding fathers and on the city streets. Thirst was inspired to imagine new forms based around this visual language.

Opening night

Mayor Rahm Emanuel takes it all in on Opening Night. Architect James Goettsch and Developer John O’Donnell also present.

Project Team

John Pobojewski
Rick Valicenti
Kyle Green
Zach Minnich
Taek Hyun Kim

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