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Statement of the Challenge

It is always a pleasure to work with you and I always feel together we raise the bar with results. Let’s always remember to never let best get in the way of better. - Holly Hunt, President and CEO of HOLLY HUNT

Holly Hunt invited Rick Valicenti/3st to direct a keepsake-quality catalog to elevate the perception of her already luxe brand as well as introduce her most ambitious furniture and lighting collection since opening in 1987.

Rick and Holly have worked together on and off for over two decades, but this occasion began like no other. Holly offered one of her Holly-isms which served as design brief to some and a mantra to others – "the aliens have landed and they're pretty."


Known for a look that is consistently at the forefront of style and quality, HOLLY HUNT showrooms and collections have lead the industry in luxury home furnishings and textiles. This occasion carried with it a more ominous mission– this collection needed re-ignite her global leadership role in the luxe furnishings market by creating a buzz which would precede two new showroom openings in Sao Paolo and Paris.

Tom Vack, a photographer headquartered in Milano, shot the collection in collaboration with Thirst programmers/sound artists, John Pobojewski and Cameron Brand. The art direction and staging was by Rick Valicenti, and design by RV and Robyn Paprocki.

Pobojewski and Brand wrote code that would direct simple graphics based on sounds that were generated by interacting with the furniture.

When a second shoot was scheduled in Miami during a time when Valicenti could not join Vack in the studio, he instead sent a set of sketches. Tom responded in kind, creating beautiful images that reflected his expert eye for light and shadow.

When it came time to print the book, Classic Color ensured the highest quality, worthy of a luxury brand.

<p> <strong>Materials</strong>&nbsp;Perfect bound 68pp + 4p flysheets + 4p cover, 9.5" x 13", catalog<br /> The edition was limited to 3000 copies. Printed by Classic Color of&nbsp; Sappi Opus Gloss 120# Cover and Opus Gloss 80# Cover. The flysheet is Neenah&#39;s Oxford UV/Ultra II Translucent 28#</p> <p> <strong>Printing Inks</strong>&nbsp;4CP + 877 PMS Silver + Metallic Process + Dimensional black + 8040 Bronze + 485 Red</p> <p> <strong>Coatings</strong>&nbsp;Reticulating varnish, Glitter UV Coating, Dull/Gloss Strike-thru, Gloss UV Coating, Strike-thru Dull varnish, Satin Varnish, Soft touch coating</p>

whooaaa. it looks so good. i cant believe it it's fantastic. it is so cool. the textures and the … oh my god. it is so cool. - Curt Kendall, Director of Marketing, HOLLY HUNT

Process Highlight

Sometimes laser printers fail to do what they are asked to do. In an effort to get across time for a scheduled meeting with Holly, the Thirst laser printer decided it was the perfect time to run out of black toner. "Fuck it", said Rick, and the barely printed image was just minutes from being presented. As good fortune would have it, Holly thought it was intentional and loved it. The high resolution re-enactment was ultimately printed and to mark the auspicious moment, a magical gold glitter was added to the gloss UV coating serving as a reminder that the aliens had actually landed and they were in fact guardian angels.

Approach and Solution

Our design approach is to marry sublime imagery, with the least amount of typography.

Thank you... and as most artistic efforts, creating great work takes great talent, focused eye, and perseverance frequently not understood to the observer. Idea to photography to art form... collaboration is alive a well with a genius at the helm. - Holly Hunt, President and CEO of HOLLY HUNT

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