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From: Paul Warchol
To: Curt Kendall
Subject: OMG!

Hi Curt and Everyone.

Just took a look at the books. Gorgeous and kind of haunting. I am proud to have contributed. Now sell tons of furniture please.

Thank you

From: Curt Kendall
To: Paul Warchol
Cc: Kimberly Perazzo, Rick Valicenti, Alli Leib, Anna Mort
Subject: FW: OMG!

Thanks Paul – Copying the other ‘major contributors’.

I could not agree more. It is edgy and interesting, with still being an effective selling tool. On-brand without being ‘expected’. I love it. If we don’t sell this furniture, it will not be because we didn’t put out a show-stopping marketing piece.

Miami Crew

Paul Warchol (center)

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