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The Power of Place

Great work as always... Perfectly tailored to each of the winners. Joey Shimoda, 2013 Designer of the Year

With the theme being The Power of Place, each category introduction had a separate visual identity, tied directly to its context.

Adaptive Reuse featured a modern interpretation of the Liberty Bell for an art school in Philadelphia. Public Space explores Japanese illustration for a library in Kanazawa. Restaurant rolls the dice for Andrea's at the Encore Las Vegas resort.

These visual themes were all structured within the same 'double square' format of the animations, creating a harmony between them. This symmetry also inspired other geometrics motifs that run throughout — circles, kaleidoscopes, book page turns, etc.

A home run! John Rouse, Publisher of Contract Magazine


Over 20 minutes of custom music were written: a unique track for each of the winning categories as well as the two feature length films.

Each track is has a very different style and feel — from jazz to electronica to dubstep to minimalist art music — to emphasis the uniqueness of each project and its context.

With such a different set of styles, each track followed the same pattern, key, and base tempo to unite them together as one soundtrack. Structurally, each track opens with the same "show theme" audio identity, then builds very sparsely from just effects and rhythm into the full score at the moment when the winners' name was announced on screen.

Check out all the soundtracks below.

It's nice to see it on your site John Czarnecki, Editor-in-Chief of Contract Magazine

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