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Visual Research

Our research of African visual culture turned up some themes on which we were able to pattern our design.

Taking inspiration from our research, we began by collaging and remixing visual motifs to find the right imagery to decorate the walls of the Theater.

Exterior Studies

Our exploration for the garden area started with us decorating the exterior of the building with the themes we discovered. We proposed a totem monument to be placed on the street corner that would act both as public art and identifying signage.

Signage Studies

Through explorations of form and the materials available, we arrived at a solution for the canopy sign that slices the 4 foot extrusion into alternating black and white sections. When placed in context, the sign becomes another reminder of the Theater's mission to eradicate racism through the utilization of theater arts.

We also designed various GOBO options to enhance the Black Ensemble's street presence.

In Construction

Just drove past the theatre, that sign is incredible. Like my favorite 70's typography had a baby with Nude Descending a Staircase. Kudos, sirs.

Jessie Devereaux
Marketing Associate
Maya Romanoff

Donor Wall Studies

The donor wall for the capital campaign features six custom weights of BE Sans that when typeset in their respective sizes all match in stroke weight. While one person's plaque may be smaller due to their donation level, their name will be just as readable.

Interior Signage

The proportion of the interior signage is based the kiss icon. All signage is, of course, ADA compliant and on-brand.

Type Design
Rick Valicenti
Bud Rodecker

Type Refinement
Jackson Cavanaugh

Tom Rossiter
William Valicenti
Bud Rodecker

3D Modeling
Baozhen Li

Morris Architects Planners

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